Can you get a prenup without a lawyer?

You can do anything without a lawyer. You can also build a house without a builder. You can fix your plumbing without a plumber. Every one of us has the potential to do everything.

The reason most of us don't is because we don't have the time to learn the skills, master the requirements, and figure out the instructions. That's the case with prenups.

If you've mastered law, know how to read and interpret statutes, and understand what in a prenup makes a prenup useful and enforceable, then by all means, write your own prenup without a lawyer.

If you're not sure that you fully understand what the statutes mean, not confident with case law interpretation, or are not clear on what about a prenup makes it enforceable and useful, then it's best to hire a prenup attorney.

You want a prenup for a reason: to protect your property. Presumably, you've got an envious net worth. Why risk losing it and having a long, expansive divorce when you can hire an expert who understands the law and knows how to protect your property?


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