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Prenup Creation $2000

Why loi de l'amour?

Because you deserve a quality prenup and an enjoyable legal experience.


We have a strict 3-day turnaround time.


We make your life easy with our virtual process.


We provide an all-inclusive legal experience.


About loi de l'amour

Founded on the belief that law (loi) and love (l'amour) can compliment each other, we create prenups that respect relationships, protect wealth, reduce conflict, and minimize risks.


We are the only law firm in Minnesota that focuses exclusively on prenups. Our narrow focus means we are experts on marriage, divorce, property, estate planning, contract, and tax law: everything a lawyer must know to write an excellent prenup.

Our Mission: to bring more love, peace, and fairness into this world

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How much will it cost?

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Prenup Creation

If you need a lawyer to write you a prenup. 

Includes: legal advice, risk management, negotiations, unlimited revisions, and a final prenup.


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Prenup Consultation

If you need information before deciding to purchase a prenup.

Includes: explanation of legal rights and the prenup process, advice on prenup options, and answers to your questions.


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Prenup Review 

If you need a lawyer to review a prenup your partner gave you.

Includes: detailed explanation of your prenup, legal advice, risk management, negotiations & revisions (if necessary).


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